Anisodontea sp.
'Strybing Beauty'

Anisodontea sp. 'Strybing Beauty'

Beautiful, EASY and loooong blooming, no one yet has been able to identify this South African member of the Mallow family shared with us by the San Francisco Botanical Garden. The showy, deep emerald, 5” across fig-like leaves are impressive, eye-catching and rust free, but then you get all those cheerful Hollyhock-like flowers from late Spring to Winter! A good 3” across and bright pink adorned with a cherry eye display well from top to bottom of plant for great garden impact in a jiffy. Fast growing to a bushy 5’x5’ in several months, provide good soil and an occasional annual side-dress of compost for primo performance. Cut back to 1-3’ in Winter to refresh. Cold tolerance is untested but I’m guessing it’s hardy to mid-20’s F. Deer resistant??


Part sun (inland)

Avg. water

Perennial shrub
USDA zones 9b-10