Hypericum cerastoides
"St. John's Wort"

Hypericum cerastoides Silvana St Johns Wort Hypericum cerastoides Silvana St Johns Wort

This cheerful groundcover is PERFECT for trailing over the edge of a sunny bed! Shiny yellow flowers with showy stamens bloom from late Spring all thru Summer, complimented beautifully by the aromatic, velvety blue-green foliage. Growing 4” tall x 16” wide, Silvana forms a dense, weed-suppressing mat that is exceptionally attractive, blooming or not! It’s also a wonderful choice for a hanging basket or a container where the lovely blooms can be enjoyed up close and the trailing habit can be seen to full advantage. Super easy, tough and long-lived, just provide regular water, rich soil and occasional compost for best appearance. While it’s evergreen (or semi-evergreen) in most zones, it does benefit from a being cut back to 6” or so in Winter for a great show next year!

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Avg. water/Moist

USDA zones 6-10