Lilium formosanum

This lovely Lily is especially remarkable for being EVERGREEN - so you can get all the beauty and wafting fragrance you crave without a subsequent empty patch of dirt during its dormancy! The foliage forms a dense clump 2’ wide and at least 3’ tall. In late Summer thru Fall, multiple stalks emerge topped by numerous fragrant white flowers with lime-green inner throats and chocolate-colored ribbing on the outside. Seed pods follow, making a lovely addition to the Winter garden and allowing the plant to reseed. The 6+” flowers are extremely long-lasting in bouquets and the seed pods make an excellent addition to dried arrangements. Reseeds reliably (but not aggressively), also spreads by rhizomes. For a strong erect habit, plant in Full Sun. Well-drained soil is best.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun

Average Water

Perennial bulb
USDA zones 9-11