Basil "Dwarf Greek"
(Ocimum basilicum)

Basil "Dwarf Greek"

Looking for a LOT of flavor in a little package? Ocimum basilicum, aka "Dwarf Greek" Basil, delivers all that & more! Opa!! A chef’s favorite, it grows tidily in a nearly perfect sphere from 6" to 12" high/across, covered in tiny 1/2" leaves that bring an intensely satisfying flavor/scent. Delicious cooked in almost any savory dish, lightly bruised & sprinkled over a salad or as a petite, aromatic garnish. The size recommends this Basil as the PERFECT edible border & it's an obvious choice for container gardening - with plenty of sun, it’ll do fine indoors, too! Happiest in rich, well-draining soil, 'Dwarf Greek' Basil will gladly tolerate some amended clay with regular water & plenty of sunshine. Pinch back centers to keep it tidy & to stall bolting.


Sun/Part shade
Avg. water/Moist

All zones