Hollyhock Alcea
'Halo Lavender'

Hollyhock Alcea 'Halo Lavender' Hollyhock Alcea 'Halo Lavender'

Looking for an upstanding, gorgeous, PERENNIAL, RUST RESISTANT bloomer that's SO tall it's sure be the center of attention? These bi-colored beauties stretch up to 7' tall, with many simultaneous stalks decked out in multitudes of 5" delicate pinky-lavender blooms with a vivid splash of yellow in the center. 'Halo Lavender' starts blooming in Summer & keeps the show going until the first serious frost - all in its first year, no less! Hummingbirds, bees & butterflies flock to this (super hardy), super gorgeous tower of flowers. Stake the stalks to keep them reaching to the sky, or plant behind a more compact plant - try Browallia americana "Blue Lady" for support & an intensely arresting color combo. Provide well-drained soil & when bloom season is done, cut to the base & top dress with compost for happiest returns.


Avg. water

USDA zones 3-10