Anagallis monellii
"Blue Pimpernel"
Anagallis monellii "Blue Pimpernel"Anagallis monellii "Blue Pimpernel"

Bright gentian blue flowers to 1” across with a surprising pink eye & bright yellow anthers lit­erally smother this striking front of the garden annual or dry garden perennial. Neat & compact, this Mediterranean native grows to 10” tall & 20” across & is stunning combined with contrasty blooms & foliage like Ursinia anthemoides & Heuchera ‘Marmalade’.  Thrives with little or no water after established & self-sows!

Anagallis monellii "Blue Pimpernel"


Full Sun
Avg/Low Water

Perennial in USDA Zones 9-11,
Annual Elsewhere