'Mad Hatter'
"Perpetual Carnation"

Dianthus 'Mad Hatter'

Oh my gosh, grow your own intensely fragrant, romantic Carnations without the gazillions of chemicals sprayed on commercial flowers! One of the old-time "Perpetual Carnations" reincarnated from the past by John Barrington (see p. 50), 'Mad Hatter's' 4" double blooms appear in multiples atop stout arching stems from mid-Spring till Fall above handsome blue-grey foliage. The more you cut, the more they produceespecially if you side-dress with 1" of compost twice a year. Grow at the edge of a bed or in a container (10+ gal). Provide well-drained soil and cut back to a few inches tall anytime to refresh.


Avg./Low water

USDA zones 6-10a