Cauliflower ‘Graffiti’

Create the coolest crudites on the block with delicious, deep purple florets of semi-early ‘Graffiti’. Producing large florets of the most intense purple you can find, it’s not high maintenance in the floret protection department (tying leaves to together to protect young heads from blanching sun). Good for late season harvest. Major bonus points for not losing its color when cooked like some of the older purple hybrids, plus downy mildew resistance!  Add a splash of lemon juice or vinegar when cooking it up for most vibrant color. Well drained, moist, rich soil is necessary to prevent stunting. Do not delay in transplanting. Space 8-12” apart. Be warned that cauliflower is a little trickier to grow than other cabbage family members, so don’t beat yourself up if stunting does occur. 

Plant Nerd

 Regular Water

Biennial Vegetable
80 Days
All Zones