Leucophyta brownii
“Cushion Bush”
Calocephalus brownii

Calocephalus brownii “Cushion Bush”Calocephalus brownii "Cushion Bush"
Photo courtesy of Far Out Flora


I love the funky texture this smoking SILVERY WHITE, rounded shrub creates. It has itty bitty silvery white leaves that lay flat against matching stems resembling finely textured coral or frosty tumbleweed. Amazing in cut flower arrangements! An Australian native, it needs good drainage and loves life next to the beach in sandy soils. Rocky cliffs are not a problem either. In Spring and Summer wee, little .5” buttons  appear at the tips of stems and teensy light yellow flowers pop out. Growing to 1-3’ tall and wide depending on how happy (well-drained) it is. Super DROUGHT TOLERANT! I imagine it intermingling with dark purple Aeoniums and deep blue-green Agaves and Aloes. Not a fan of high humidity.

Full Sun
Avg/Low Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 9-10
drought tolerant