Rosa woodsii
“Woods’ Rose” 

Wildlife lovers this rose is for you! Found throughout the Western & Central states, it’s super easy-to-grow & will have the bees buzzing like mad when it’s completely covered in, delicate pink, 2” fragrant blossoms, late-Spring through Summer. All sorts of creatures including birds, squirrels, coyotes & bears are big fans of the high protein, orangey-red rosehips in Fall & Winter, when food sources can be scarce. Growing up to 6.5’ high & wide, it spreads via rhizomatous roots, making it a great option for erosion control. Prune back in late-Winter/early Spring to keep on the smaller side. Found in a wide variety of habitats including stream banks, mountain foothills, bluffs & even dry grassy locations, it’s super versatile! Not too picky about anything, including freezing cold temps, CLAY & harsh weather.

Plant Nerd

Full Sun/Pt. Shade
Moist/Low Water

drought tolerant

Deciduous Shrub
USDA Zones 4-10