Dierama latifolium
Dierama latifolium

photo:John Crellin

Dazzling, dramatic & exceptionally EASY,this is one of the TALLEST Dieramas around, growing to an impressive 5-6’ high by 4-5’ wide clump of focal pointy goodness. Blooming in Summer on delicate stems up to 6’ long, with huge 3” long, delicate, pale pink pendulous bells, it’s delightful arching over the edge of a bed or in a good sized container (5 gallons & up). Dieramas hail from the Eastern Cape of South Africa where rainfall occurs in the Summer, but they still thrive here in California. Once established, they’re drought tolerant & evergreen, needing only occasional grooming (just pull the spent leaves & cut down faded flower stems, & top dress annually when the plants are in growth.) Especially heavy soils should be amended for drainage.

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Avg/Low Water
drought tolerantdeer resistant

USDA Zones 8-11