Broccoli ‘Apollo’

photo: Territorial Seeds

Not all broccoli is just broccoli. Cross Calabrese broccoli with Chinese gailan and you get something special: broccolinis/brokalis with exceptionally sweet & tender sprouts. For some years they were an exclusive of upscale stores, but now they have become available to the home gardener as well. Many broccoli varieties are meant to produce one big head. You harvest it & that is the end of it. Some varieties produce a good amount of side shoots & the Italian sprouting broccolis are meant to do just that. However these plants get REALLY BIG & can overwhelm a small garden bed. ‘Apollo’ stays small, just around 24-28” feet tall & wide. Harvest the main head early & it will produce an immense amount of side shoots over a very long period. Just keep up the picking or cut off flowering stems. And they are SWEET & TENDER! Grow as other broccolis in well fertilized and watered garden soil.

Anni J.

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