Rosa ‘Sombreuil’
Rosa ‘Sombreuil’

The large blooms of ‘Sombreuil’ always catch the eye, then the nose. They positively glow at dusk & contrast nicely with the dark green & very healthy foliage, but the refreshing green apple scent brings you back for more sniffs. The 3” flowers are creamy white with an apricot flush in the center, very flat & frilly in an old-fashioned manner & the plant has old-fashioned vigor. It is repeat blooming with Spring as well as Summer & Fall bloom. For years it was sold as a 1850 French tea rose, but it is really a 20th Century Wichurana hybrid related to the Dawn series, all of them are very disease resistant roses with apple scented flowers. Sombreuil is a pillar rose, meaning it is more dense than a climbing rose & does not send out long climbing shoots. It will become 8-12’ tall & 4-6’ wide. It looks very good up against a fence & if you are looking for a nice thorny barrier, Sombreuil fits the spot.

Anni J.

Avg. Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 7-9