Viola odorata ‘Alba’

Can’t kill it, can’t beat it. Viola odorata is a quintessential old fashioned plant & an accommodating choice if you’re looking for a tough evergreen groundcover for trouble spots like (evil) DRY SHADE. Seek the plants out in early Spring to sneak off with a tiny bouquet of violet perfume! Violas are edible & a delicate confection when candied. How quaint! Root competition is no trouble for Viola odorata, nor is drought. It truly is a plant that you can forget about completely & still come to delight in every Spring when it’s doing its thing. Grows to 6” tall & as wide as you’ll let it, spreading by runners & seeds. Best planted where it can run wild & free! Originally from Europe, the “Sweet Violet” has made a home for itself in many parts of the world.

Claire Woods

Low Water

drought tolerant

USDA Zones 3-11