Grindelia stricta platyphylla
“Coastal Gum Plant”

Grindelia stricta platyphylla "Coastal Gum Plant" Grindelia stricta platyphylla“Coastal Gum Plant”

DROUGHT, CLAY, SAND & SALT tolerant – YES, you can have a green-all-year-round groundcovery carpet that requires very little Summer water! Tough & long lived, it won’t grow more than 6” tall, spreading to at least 3’ across with sunny yellow, 2” blooms from May thru Fall. Trails nicely over a wall & makes a useful, steppable choice for parking strips. Plus, it’s a great habitat plant. The curious resin on the flower buds was used as a skin ointment & more by California coastal Native Americans. Best with occasional Summer water.

Grindelia stricta platyphylla "Coastal Gum Plant"



Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9-10