Phacelia campanularia
“Desert Canterbury Bells”

Phacelia campanularia “Desert Canterbury Bells”Phacelia campanularia “Desert Canterbury Bells”

Rarely do we gardeners get to feast our eyes on such vivid, gentian blue eye-candy! Our beloved CA “Desert Bells” really puts out, with a bubbling caboodle of delightful 1.25”, vibrant blue, upward facing bells held atop branchy red stems in Spring. With appealing, low, blue-green, clumping foliage & a tidy 14” x 14” silhouette, it’s best displayed (& happiest) at the edge of the bed. We loved it last year combined with fellow CA natives Camissonia bistorta "Sunflakes” & ‘Red Chief’ CA Poppy. Adored by bumblebees! Provide good drainage, self-sows.

Phacelia campanularia “Desert Canterbury Bells”

*Phacelias can cause dermatitis to folks sensitive to their fine hairs. If so, wear gloves & long sleeves when handling.



Low/Avg Water

drought tolerant

All Zones