‘Gene Daniels’

Not your grandmother’s Begonia but a big shrub (cane) Begonia reaching 6’ x 6’ in a couple of years. Choice for frost free porches, patios and tropical settings, it’s crowded from top to bottom with huge, red-edged, lop-sided, heart shaped leaves to 1’ long, glossy-ruby on the reverse for an intriguing two-tone effect. With some sun, the leaves darken up to a stunning almost blue-black color. Pretty, loose clusters of pink flowers appear almost year-round. Heavenly in a large container (25+ gal). Rich, well drained soil. Hardy to at least 30° F. Created by Santa Barbara Begonia expert Rudy Ziesenhenne.

Begonia Gene Daniels Begonia Gene Daniels


Average Water

USDA Zones 9b-11