Cucumber ‘Pearl’ 

Cucumber ‘Pearl’Cucumber ‘Pearl’

Well, here's a turn-up for the books -- an icy green to ivory cuke, popping up all over vigorous vining plants! You might think you'd have to raise ‘Pearl’ under shade or otherwise change its environment, but no. It appears very abundantly on plants that are not only as easy to grow as the traditional types, but actually boast superior yields thanks to strong resistance to downy mildew! Although 'Pearl' gets big points for plate appeal & novelty, its best merit is invisible. The flavor is simply delectable - rich, juicy & with that cucumber bite that only comes from homegrown. These plump, crisp cukes will wow you all season long on vining plants, so give them a little extra room! 'Pearl' deserves it.

Kelly Kilpatrick


Avg. Water

50 days