Layia heterotricha
“Pale-Yellow Tidytips” 

Layia heterotricha “Pale-Yellow Tidytips”Layia heterotricha “Pale-Yellow Tidytips”

Late in the Spring when the regular Tidytips have wilted from the heat, Layia heterotricha keeps growing and blooming. A native of Southern California, it gets 2-3’ tall with many 1” wide deliciously creamy flowers. The leaves are stout, fleshy & amazingly fragrant. Some say apple or banana, I say a brisk scent of latex paint. No matter what your nose detects, I think you will be intrigued. Naturally growing on open clay soils, it is an easily grown annual in gardens, clay or otherwise, but do protect against snails in the early stages. Self sows! It is included in the CNPS Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants on list 1B.1.          

Anni J


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