Leucospermum grandiflorum
“Grey-leaf Fountain Pincushion”Leucospermum grandiflorum “Grey-leaf Fountain Pincushion”

photo:Andrew Massyn

Cheery in a sunny, hot, dry spot, Leucospermum grandiflorum’s pincushiony blooms abound late Winter through the end of Summer. Hairy buds start out bright yellow, opening up with pink perianths (the pins of the pincushion) that fade to orange, then red over time, great for cutting. Bee, bird & butterfly magnet! Bountiful & dense with 2-3” leathery, silver grey leaves. Grows to 8-10’ high & 4-6’ wide.  Endemic to South Africa’s Boland Granite Fynbos region, where it is sadly endangered. Well draining soil is the key to success. Add a handful of compost when planting & water well the first year. Keep the soil above the root system cool during hot Summer months with a thick layer of mulch or groundcover & avoid feeding anything with phosphorus. Once established, it’s a drought tolerant, low care, disease free beauty tolerant of sun & wind & impervious to deer!

Megan S.
Plant Nerd

Avg./Low Water
deer resistantdrought tolerant


Perennial Shrub
USDA Zones 9b-11