Sisyrinchium bellum
‘North Coast’

Sisyrinchium bellum North Coast Blue Eyed GrassSisyrinchium bellum North Coast Blue Eyed Grass

With the largest flowers I’ve ever seen and the longest bloom season you could ever hope for, we are totally excited to offer this extraordinary native “Blue Eyed- Grass” discovered near Gualala, CA. Topped with HUGE 1-1.5” starry purple-blue yellow eyed flowers. Extremely easy and reliably perennial, this low and dense grassy groundcover (and Iris relative) is sand and CLAY tolerant and grows well under oaks. Normally deciduous during the dry season, ours bloomed Spring all the way to Fall with Summer water and one cut-back in June. Spreads slowly and easy to divide! Deer resistant! Hardy to 10° F. To 8” high and 12” wide.



Avg./Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 8-11