Dombeya pulchra
"Silver Wild Pear"
Dombeya pulchra "Silver Wild Pear"

I believe this is my favorite of all the Dombeyas I’ve come to know! I think it’s the unique combination of “Wow. How very fancy.” & “Hey! This actually grows well here!” Hardy here by the bay, Dombeya pulchra has lush foliage & superbly beautiful, 1” porcelain pink flowers with deep cerise centers that appear in large clusters below the leaves. Blooming in late Summer into early Fall, flowers on graceful stems to peer downward. This tree would be an exotic addition to the ornamental garden & worthy of a special place. Performs decently in large containers, but eventually a permanent home in the ground will suit it best. Multi-branching & growing to around 15’, it is perfect as a partly shaded understory tree & has survived many moderate frosts here at the nursery with very little damage. (FYI: Despite the name, it bears no relation to pears & does not make fruit.

Claire Woods

Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9b