Asphodelus ramosus

Asphodelus ramosus Asphodelus ramosus

photo:(left) Sergio Pérez Pérez (right) JP Nascimento

Bring the beauty of the fields of Hades to your home garden! Asphodels are the plants purported to have populated the fields of the Grecian underworld & are considered to be a favored food of the dead. Aside from its lore-based appeal, this Mediterranean
member of the Lily family is also a robust & stalwart addition to the garden. Tolerant of poor soils & drought, it thrives on neglect & is very long lived. Flowers during Spring, with blooming stalks reaching up to 4’ tall & branching. Blooms are white, striped with brownish pink & very attractive to bees. Prefers, but does not require, acidic soil. When not in bloom, strappy, grey green leaves are present, though the plants go deciduous during Summer months. This rhizomatous plant is a clumper & grows from 1-2’ wide.                    

Claire Woods

drought tolerant
Low/Avg Water 

USDA Zones 7b-11