Dombeya rotundifolia
"Wild Pear"

Dombeya rotundifolia "Wild Pear"Dombeya rotundifolia "Wild Pear"

From South Africa comes this excellent, fast growing, rare specimen tree which is really not a pear tree but gets its common name from the masses of scented, white blooms which appear before the leaves in early Spring. Fast, it will grow 3-4’ a year, topping out at 10-20’ tall. The flowers, appearing January thru March butterflies & bees. The bark is dark brown, very rough & corky when mature, forming a protective layer, are borne on branched clusters at the ends of the branches, attracting against fire. A perfect choice for a small garden or street tree, as its roots are not aggressive. The foliage turns a nice yellow in Fall before going deciduous. Hardy to 28 degrees & very tolerant once established.


Avg./Low water

USDA Zones 9b-11