Mandragora turcomanica
“Iranian Mandrake”

Mandragora turcomanica Iranian Mandrake Mandragora turcomanica Iranian Mandrake

An ULTRA RARE & ENDANGERED Mandrake that grows to an exceptionally large size! Fragrant, fuzzy, dark green leaves form a low-growing rosette 4-6’ across! In late Winter/early Spring it produces a cluster of 1” purple blooms followed by highly aromatic yellow or orange tomato-like fruits. It is said that there are less than 300 plants of this species in cultivation & that it may be extinct in the wild! We’re adding a few individuals to that population. If you take one in, make sure you give it well drained soil in light shade where it will thrive. Plants go dormant in the Summer, so be especially careful if you’re digging in their vicinity at that time. Growth re-emerges in Autumn & Winter. Native to Iran & Turkmenistan. Use caution when handling this plant & never ingest as all parts are poisonous!        

Average Water

USDA Zones 5-10