‘The Hub’

Eriogonum ‘The Hub’Eriogonum ‘The Hub’

‘The Hub’ is an airy pink focal point in my dry garden almost all year. I received it in a batch of E. nudum seedlings, but ‘The Hub’ resembles E. grande rubescens, yet has persisted happily in my garden where the regular kind dies after a glorious but brief presence.  It grows 3’ tall & 4’ plus wide but can be kept more confined by pruning. The individual pink flower clusters are 1” wide, but they are massed in such a profusion that the green-grey foliage is unseen May-October. I often bring out a chair to watch all kinds of beneficial insects homing in to nectar from it, making the scene as busy as a major airport. Thus the variety name: ‘The Hub’. The plant you buy is a cutting grown clone of this one very special plant. Plant it in full sun with little or no water & sit back to enjoy the show.

Anni J.

Low-No Summer Water

  USDA Zones 9-11