(parritae x antioquiensis)
‘Mission Dolores’

Passiflora (parritae x antioquiensis) ‘Mission Dolores’Passiflora (parritae x antioquiensis) ‘Mission Dolores’

photo:(right) Far Out Flora

What happens when you take one of the rarest & most desirable Passifloras in the world & cross it with another of the rarest & most desirable Passifloras in the world? You get this vine & believe me, YOU WANT THIS VINE. Bred by local patron saint of rare vines, Carlos Rendon, ‘Mission Dolores’ boasts 6-7” flowers of deep magenta infused with orange, with dramatic 18-24” long peduncles. DRAMARAMA! Much easier to grow & more vigorous than P. parritae, but still try to avoid too much cold & heat. Best grown where temps stay between 40 & 80° F. (sorry, inlanders.) Plant in a cool spot in the garden, making sure to give the roots shade. Some advise planting heat-sensitive Passifloras in the shade of a large shrub or small tree, so that as they climb they can moderate the amount of sun they get. Climbs to 20’ or more with leaves that are tri-lobed, thin & elegant, so the overall look is very spare - other than the flowers, which are anything but! Icing on the cake? The fruit is edible & VERY tasty! Provide rich, loose soil.

Claire Woods


Part Sun
Reg-Avg Water

 USDA Zones 9b-10