Cussonia gamtoosensis
“Gamboos Cabbage Tree” 

Cussonia gamtooensis “Gamboos Cabbage Tree”

Extremely rare& charismatic, “Gamboos Cabbage Tree” is the newest member of our “Truffula Tree” collection. It’ll reach to 12’ tall at most,so it makes a swell choice for smaller gardens or containers. Fascinating large silvery-blue “snowflake” foliage, cool cork-like bark & wonderful “Lollipop” form makes this simply an extra cool show-off tree,especially rising above lower growing plants. Easy to grow, just providewell drainedsoil & some Summer water for best appearance. Once it reaches maturity, greenish flowers will sprout out from the top in late Spring. Endangered in its native South Africa. Can take low water once established.


Avg.-Low Water

  USDA Zones 9b-10