Eriogonum nudum
‘Ella Nelson’s Yellow’

Eriogonum nudum ‘Ella Nelson’s Yellow’Eriogonum nudum ‘Ella Nelson’s Yellow’

photos: Kelly Kilpatrick

Creating a showy cloud of primrose yellow pom-poms on a mass of branched stems, this delightful strain of “Naked Buckwheat” found by Eric Nelson (and named after his grandmother, a life-long gardener) is easy to grow, long blooming & drought tolerant! Eric found this form of Eriogonum nudum at the border of Mendocino & Humbolt counties many years ago & it has proved a consistently colored strain. 3’ high & 2’ wide bloom sprays explode in Spring & continue throughout Summer above low, 3” tall & 8-10” wide foliage. Sweet cut flowers & blooms remain interesting through the Fall when the flowers fade to golden brown. Commonly found in open, rocky exposures & thrives best under these conditions. Excellent when massed! Bee magnet & deer resistant!


Claire Woods

Low-No Summer Water

USDA Zones 6-10