‘Purple Emperor’

Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ 

photo: Lokal_Profil

This Emperor’s new clothes will stop traffic too! Lovely dark purple foliage is a great addition to the garden. Not just tinged purple but saturated through & through & topped with rosy-pink flower clusters that are beloved by bees & butterflies. Blooms Summer-Fall, great for cut flower arrangements. Grows 18” tall & 24” wide, there’s been some grumbling out there that it tends to flop over so it may need some extra support to stay completely upright. Upright or leaning, I’m definitely going to be using this for great combinations - I’m thinking it will look great with Aeonium escobarii & Anthriscus ‘Raven’s Wing’ with a little bit of Orostachys iwarenge popping out here & there for a real foliar feast. Best in well-drained soil.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Sun-Pt. Shade
Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 3-10