Pericallis papyracea

Pericallis papyraceaPericallis papyracea

Stump the heck out of your gardening friends with this thrilling, beautiful and easy to grow relative of Cineraria! Upright, multi-branching, bright green stems to 3-4’ tall and attractive, Cineraria-like leaves are topped by 5” clusters of fascinating, daisy-like blooms. Fascinating because the colors are reversed, with dark purple, fuzzy, domed centers (displaying bright golden anthers on close inspection) surrounded by soft lavender-mauve petals. A strong perennial and very long blooming – grow it just like a Cineraria, providing rich soil for prettiest and longest show. May self sow.



Pt.Sun-Brt. Shade
Avg. Water

deer resistant 

  USDA Zones 9-10