Ocimum sanctum
“Holy Basil”
 Ocimum sanctum “Holy Basil” “Tulsi”

A PERENNIAL Basilfrom India used to adorn the Hindu temples. The flowers & leaves can be used as you would other basils or to make delicious teas. Its flavor is rich & spicy with a touch of mint & cloves. Grows 1-2’ tall & wide with glossy green or purple leaves & dark stems, with white or mauve flowers. Plant it in good garden soil & water evenly. Famous for its “heal-all-that-ails-you” reputation in traditional Indian medicine.

"Leaves, flowers, fruits, root, branches and the
      main stem and everything about tulsi is sacred;
      even the soil under the tulsi plant is holy.

-excerpt from the Padmapurana, an ancient 5000 yr. old healing text from India.

Anni J.

Avg. Water 

Annual Herb
USDA Zones 7-10