Ocimum sanctum
“Holy Basil” “Tulsi”

 Ocimum sanctum “Holy Basil” “Tulsi”

Visitors to India usually come back with memories of “Tulsi”, the sacred Basil used to adorn the Hindu temples. They may also come back with a liking of the flavor, rich & spicy with a touch of mint & cloves. Perennial in tropical climates, it is an annual in temperate gardens. Tulsi grows 1-2’ tall & wide with glossy green or purple leaves & dark stems, with white or mauve flowers. Plant it in good garden soil & water evenly. While mostly famous for its “heal-all-that-ails-you” reputation in traditional Indian medicine, you can also use the leaves in teas & cooking.

"Leaves, flowers, fruits, root, branches and the
      main stem and everything about tulsi is sacred;
      even the soil under the tulsi plant is holy.

-excerpt from the Padmapurana, an ancient 5000 yr. old healing text from India.

Anni J.

Avg. Water 

Annual Herb
USDA Zones 7-10