Lettuce ‘Amish Deer Tongue’
 Lettuce ‘Amish Deer Tongue’

photo:Megan Adam

‘Deer Tongue’ Lettuce has been around since mid 1700’s & its ruggedness made it very popular in pioneer kitchen gardens. The Amish then selected this vigorous form around 1840. With triangular leaves & a thick crunchy midrib, it has a pronounced sweet & nutty flavor that perfectly complements ‘Buttercrunch’ Lettuce in salads. The leaves are usually harvested by cutting them all off & then waiting for the next flush of leaves. It resists the bolting & bitterness that make many other lettuces unsuitable for the Summer. Grow 5-6” apart in good garden soil & water consistently.

Anni J.

Sun-Pt. Shade in hot areas
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