Capsicum pubescens‘Golden’
“Golden Rocoto Pepper”

Capsicum pubescens ‘Golden’ “Golden Rocoto Pepper”

While most garden peppers are annuals, this perennial pepperwill over-winter & become a 6’ shrub. The large (& very beautiful) yellow fruit has thick flesh like a Bell Pepper, though variable in heat, it is a HOTpepper with great flavor. It has been grown in Peru & Bolivia for 5000 years & we were fortunate to receive peppers from Joe Carrasco, all grown from seed he brought back to California from Bolivia. Joe recommends growing it in a barrel during its first year & planting it in the garden next year. Have a tomato cage ready to support the branches & the fruit. It prefers some shade but is OK in sun & while fairly hardy, it will get damaged by hard frost. Grows very well in Sunset Zone 17, protect it if the temperatures go below 30F. In Spring cut back by 1/3 & remove any damaged branches.

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Anni J.

Sun-Pt. Shade
Average Water

USDA Zones 9-10