‘One Ball’ F1

Squash ‘One Ball’ F1Squash ‘One Ball’ F1
photo (left): EvilJen

‘One ball’ has been declared the best new squash to appear in several years. It is extra early & very prolific with fruit set at every node. The round squashes are bright yellow & have a subtle nutty flavor. Great steamed, sauteed or stuffed. Harvest them at 5" diameter for best flavor & if you can't keep up with the production, pick the flowers which are delicious fried or in soups. ‘One Ball’ is a compact bush. You can keep it healthy by watering evenly. If you let it go dry & then water it, the plant will develop a calcium deficiency & the ends of the squash will rot. If this happens, cut the tip off & the squash should recover. Squash respond well to fertilizer, be it grown in a pile of compost or given regular liquid fish or compost tea. Powdery mildew is inevitable on the coast, but you can plant replacements through July.

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