Darmera peltata
“Umbrella Plant”

Darmera peltata “Umbrella Plant”Darmera peltata “Umbrella Plant”

Flr. photo: Scott MeyerFol. photo: Fried Kampes

I’m terribly fond of this striking (& fun!) California native water plant. In Spring, this plant emerges from dormancy flower-first to face the cold world. In the wild, it appears as if pink lollipops have emerged naked from the rocks along streams & creeks – anywhere where moisture is present. These blooming stems can be as much as 3’ tall & give way to large & stunning leaves by Summer. Each can be over 1’ across & a full grown plant can be 3’ wide & tall. Though this plant does not abide drought & dryness, it is most impressive near water features-a habitat gardening must. Nice fall color too!

Claire Woods

Darmera peltata “Umbrella Plant”

photo: Dave Maczuga


USDA Zones 5-10