Saurauia madrensis

A beautiful small tree for shade that's perfectly suited to the mild and foggy SF Bay Area. The leaves are broad, and the new growth is downy with showy red hairs. Large clusters of white flowers appear amidst the leaves in Spring and Summer and these are followed by tiny fruits resembling tiny Kiwis. In fact, this tree is a cousin to Kiwis and the family resemblance is clear if you see them growing side by side. The fruit is edible and very intensely sticky sweet, with a slimy texture. Peculiar! Ultimately, this tree can reach 15-30’ tall, with a potential 15' spread, but can be maintained at 10' fairly easily with annual pruning. This cloud forest plant will appreciate a semi-shady spot in the understory as well as water during the Summer months. Full sun is okay if you live in SF or somewhere similarly foggy. From Chiapas, Mexico. Hardy into the 20's.

Claire Woods

Part Sun/Shade

 USDA Zones 9-10