Deschampsia flexuosa
“Crinkled Hairgrass”

Deschampsia flexuosa “Crinkled Hairgrass”Deschampsia flexuosa “Crinkled Hairgrass”

It’s impossible to show how wonderful this grass is in a little photo – so trust me that you’ll love this EASY, low maintenance, bloom-like-crazy grass. Beginning as a lush, finely textured, compact & weed suppressing evergreen clump, 8” high & 15” wide, it bursts into a cloud of pinkish-white flowers in Spring that bob & sparkle in the sunlight. Looking much like the flowers, the seed heads remain for months! Plant up front for full enjoyment & as a great way to mask the base of roses & other shrubs. Makes an excellent accent in a slightly shady border or a Summer dry woodland setting. Very easy to grow, especially in rich soils where Summers are cool. Evergreen & makes cool dried flowers. Tops out at 30” tall. Native to dry grasslands & wide open areas in northeast North America, British Columbia & Alaska.  


Sun/AM Sun
Avg/Low Water

USDA Zones 5-10