Crassula dejecta

Crassula dejectaCrassula dejecta

An easy to grow plant with a name that is amusingly contrary to its nature. Why so dejected, little plant? We like you plenty! How useful is this: Crassula dejecta is easy to grow in sun or shade, with water or without, as a houseplant, groundcover, in a container, as a rock garden subject or small shrub. It has fresh, evergreen leaves, white & red flowers in the Summer that are described as being “honey scented” & each leaf is edged in a row of hairs that give the plant a silver sheen in the right light. Poor soil is fine, but rich, well drained soil in medium light will make the plant grow the largest, the fastest. Grows up to 2' high with a somewhat sprawling habit. For a mass planting space about 18”. From the Winter rainfall area of South Africa.

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 8-10