Aloe tomentosa
“Hairy Green Aloe”

Aloe tomentosa "Hairy Green Aloe" Aloe tomentosa "Hairy Green Aloe"

HAIRY GREEN FLOWERS! No Joke! This unusual Aloe native to Yemen produces numerous 3’ tall multi-branching flower spikes topped with pyramidal clusters of WOOLY, sea-green blooms! Forms a 2’ tall & 3-4’ wide rosette of smooth, bright green leaves with toothed edges & a light powdering of blue-green – though some plants may have stripes or a slight mottling on the leaves. Makes a beautiful container specimen with the added bonus of bringing the fluffy flowers closer to eye-level. Blooms in Summer attracting bees & hummers. Provide excellent drainage for a happy, healthy plant.

Plant Unicorn

Low Water

USDA Zones 9b-11