Leucadendron sessile
“Sun Cone Bush”

Easiest of the “Leucs” to grow, this S. African makes a fascinating, showy & unusual shrub for Mediterranean climate gardens. Preferring nutrient poor soil & more tolerant of Summer water than most Leucs. 3’-5’ tall with a dense form, it's evergreen with visually appealing foliage. In mid-Winter to Spring the stunning blooms arrive! Boy & girl plants have different color flowers & we have a mix of both since these are seed grown. But both are encircled by elongated yellow bracts that form highly attractive “stars” lasting for many months & which can be cut for exceptional dried flowers. Tolerant of clay – though best in well-drained soil. Long lived – just don’t ever use chemical fertilizer or you’ll kill it. A light side dress of organic compost once a year will make it happy as a clam. Great for hillsides, rock gardens & large containers.


Low Water

USDA Zones 9-10