Protea neriifolia
“Oleander-leaved Protea”

Protea neriifolia “Oleander-leaved Protea”

photo:Laurie Gray Bounsall


I do declare! This is one sexy Protea. Said to be one of the easiest Proteas to grow & certainly sought for its magnificent flowers - 6” pink satin bracts trimmed with black marabou, like a sexy negligee. Hot! Cut flowers will last up to 3 weeks in the vase, as well. An imposing 6' (or more) shrub, it does need certain accommodations: as with all Proteas, the soil is key. Free draining, acidic soil is best. If you have clay soil, amend with rotted pine needles, or something else that is both nutrient poor & acidifying. Avoid feeding your plants anything with phosphorus, as this is a sure fire way to kill the plant. Once established, it is a drought tolerant, low care, disease free beauty – tolerant of sun & wind & impervious to deer. From South Africa, of course.

Claire Woods


USDA Zones 9-10