Brugmansia 'Double White'
“Angel's Trumpet”

Beautiful & delightfully fragrant, fast growing & steadfast. This is a fabulous choice for bringing sensuality & enchantment to your garden, especially for those of you who enjoy “moon gardens”. Grows to about 10' X 10' multibranching perfectly into a mini-tree shape, it'll look lovely even before bloom with its large & sensual tropicalesque leaves. And then there's those elegant sweetly scented blooms with their long bloom season - from the end of June until November. Emerging from long corollas, the flowers extend another 10”, flare double & emerge one from another. Give your “Angel's Trumpet” a good layer of compost each spring for perfect health & appearance. And prune it into any size or shape you desire - it's easy going. This Brug is more mite & aphid resistant too! Special safety note: Do Not Eat! All parts of this plant are considered toxic.


Full Sun (on coast)

USDA Zones 9-11