Brugmansia x arborea
“Tree Datura”

Brugmansia x arborea "Tree Datura"Brugmansia x arborea "Tree Brugmansia"

Hey all you folks who adore “Angel’s Trumpets”! This is one of the WILD SPECIES of Brugmansia (native to high elevation Andes) & is VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND in the nursery trade! Fast & vigorous, it will quickly grow into its small tree size (6’-10’) with a strongly multi-branching habit. Blooming most of the year, it's adorned with exceptionally fragrant, pendulous, flaring 6” trumpets. Wonderful, large & velvety tropical foliage is evergreen, too. Though this “Angel’s Trumpet” is said to be more tolerant of dry soil – do know that Brugs look their best with rich soil & average moisture. Topdress with a 2” layer of compost in Spring to make sure it stays lush & happy! Special safety note: Do Not Eat! All parts of this plant are considered toxic.


Sun-Pt. Shade
Avg. water

USDA Zones 8b -11