Delphinium belladonna
‘Blue Donna'

Delphinium belladonna 'Bellamosum'

This little-seen group of hybrids is derived from the crosses between D. elatum & D. cheilanthum.  I use the belladonna Delphiniums in my Spring & Summer gardens because they are ultra blue, easy, quick to bloom, produce looser racemes of very dark blue flowers, keep re-blooming till Fall & they overwinter well. Good mildew resistance, too! To 3’ tall, by 1' wide & nicely multi-branching, so they don’t need staking. When the flowers are spent, just cut back to 3” tall, add a little compost and they’ll be back in action! Lovely cut flowers, gorgeous with yellow or apricot roses.



Delphinium belladonna ‘Bellamosum'

Avg. Water
USDA Zones 3-10