Agastache aurantiaca

Agastache aurantiaca Coronado

A wildflower from Northern Mexico that deserves its common name “Hummingbird Mint.” The flowers are hummingbird magnets and the grey-green foliage has a distinctly minty scent. The flower color is yellow suffused with warm orange and it really brightens up a garden without being garish. The color contrasts nicely with the foliage and the Summer blooming flowers are carried in profusion on a 30” tall plant with a 18” spread. Tough, drought tolerant and the perfect plant for a sunny spot in your garden. Also good for pots and can be grown as an annual. Lovely combined with blue-flowered Catananche caerulea!

Agastache aurantiaca Coranado

Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA Zones 6-10