Eriogonum ovalifolium
“Cushion Buckwheat”

Eriogonum ovalifolium closeupEriogonum ovalifolium form

I find it very hard to resist this adorable little cushion plant! A common sight on screes & slopes throughout the Sierra & the rest of the West at high elevations. Forming petite, evergrey mats of small oval leaves, it flowers in Spring through early Summer. This particular form has round clusters of white to pink flowers atop 4” stems. These fade to brown as the blooms age. Eriogonum ovalifolium has a wide range of distribution, & many variants. These plants are grown from seed shared with us by the UC Botanical Garden. Perfectly at home in a rock garden - take care to plant this cute-as-a-button native in a raised bed or pot with steep drainage. Soggy feet could be fatal! Expect the plants to remain small – 4” tall by 10” wide.

Claire Woods



USDA Zones 3-10