Chlorogalum pomeridianum
'Short Form'

Chlorogalum pomeridianum 'Short Form'Chlorogalum pomeridianum 'Short Form'

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“Soap Plant” makes an lovely (& useful!) addition to garden beds, dry gardens, rock gardens & meadows. Normally the flower stems gets up to 3' tall, but this form has shorter 20” stems that remain upright. Found throughout California on dry, open hills, the native bulb forms a 1” wide rosette of attractive, wavy margined gray-green leaves. In late Spring, widely branched panicles of very fragrant, delicate looking white flowers appear, giving a graceful air to the garden. The blooms are pollinated by moths, so are extra fragrant in the evening. EASY & poor soil tolerant. Native Californians used the raw bulbs for soap & roasted them for food. The fibers around the bulb can also be pulled off & bound to make a brush to use while soaping up the dishes! Supper, soap & scrubber all in one! Deciduous in Fall.


Chlorogalum pomeridianum 'Short Form'

Full Sun-Lt. Shade
Low-No Sum. Water

Sum. dormant bulb
USDA Zones 6-11