Muhlenbergia capillaris
“Pink Muhly Grass”

Muhlenbergia cappillaris “Pink Muhly Grass”
(right) Mark Turner, NC

And the award for mind-blowing “textural-drama” introduction goes to “Pink Muhly”, a native of Texas & Florida that grows & amazes just as well in our cool foggy climate! Renowned for its heat, humidity, drought, poorly drained clay & sand tolerance & deer resistance, this fantastic thing bursts into a 3’ x 3’ cotton candy cloud of shimmery little pink flowers from September to December. Guaranteed to stop any gardener in their tracks – and inspire many a front yard re-do! Just imagine a grouping of 3 or more of these along your driveway or parking strip. If you care to know about the foliage, it’s a pleasant low mound of finely textured leaves. Semi-deciduous in Winter.


Muhlenbergia cappillaris “Pink Muhly Grass”

photo: Uli Lorimer, Curator of Native Flora Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Avg/Low Water

Perennial Grass
USDA Zones 5-11