Dendromecon rigida harfordii
“Island Bush Poppy”

Dendromecon rigida harfordii “Island Bush Poppy”Dendromecon rigida harfordii “Island Bush Poppy”

The “Island Bush Poppy” is a very attractive shrub/tree for dry gardens. The flowers are 2” wide, brilliant yellow & contrast beautifully with the blue-green foliage. While mostly Spring blooming, it may also bloom year around & it looks fabulous with the blues of Ceanothus & the reds of Galvezia. The shrub generally grows in an open hemispheric form to 5'-10' wide & tall. In the wild it grows only in chapparal on Santa Rosa & Santa Cruz Islands. In the garden it requires good drainage to thrive, though some people say that it is more a question of transplanting carefully to the garden. So take care to disturb the roots as little as possible!

Anni J.

Sun-Pt. Shade
Low-No Sum. Water

USDA Zones 8-10